11 New Amateur Radio Operators

Last Saturday, I taught another session of my one-day Tech class. Their callsigns finally made it into the FCC database today:

  • Joe,  KD8TGZ
  • Kieran, KD8THA
  • Reginald, KD8THB
  • Richard, KD8THD
  • Curtis, KD8THE
  • Judith, KD8THF
  • Robert, KD8THG
  • Ulysses. KD8THH
  • Chris, KD8THI
  • Lizabeth, KD8THJ
  • Richard, KD8THK

Eleven out of twelve passed. The twelfth was a teenage girl who really was just in the class because her father “encouraged” her to do so. As with the teenager from my last class, I’m not going to count her as part of the total and claim a 100% pass rate this time.


  1. Rob - W8MRL says:

    That is great news – 11 new hams! We are looking at doing one day tech classes at my local club. Thank you for taking the time to run such classes!

    I have a question. Which VE group did they use? A week is a LONG time to wait to get their callsigns posted. I personally had my extra class license callsign published within 3 hours of passing my test.

    The Laurel VEC group processes passing exams quickly and most people see their call posted the next, if not the same day. Also, there is no charge for the testing .

  2. Seth. KB3YUC says:

    2 months ago my teenage daughter and I both took Amateur Radio exams – I sat for my Extra and my 16 year old sat for her Technician. I am proud to say that we both passed. I encouraged her to take the test. She got 3 wrong answers. Whether either one of us passed or failed, I would count both in our percentages. Thank you for taking the time and volunteering to teach these classes. Two other statistics – there were 26 test takers at our testing location. The week before there were 46 tested.

  3. Mike/N8GBU says:

    The teen you didn’t count may be interested afterwards or after a couple days of thinking about the new accomplishment. I was impressed trying to work school clubs this week, alot of young people were learning how to work a pile up! Congrats! to all those that passed.

    • Dan KB6NU says:

      I agree that she may get into it at a later date. Her father is a ham, and I’m sure he’ll keep encouraging her to get her ticket.

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