2014 Tech study guide: schematics and components (part 1)

My study guide covers the questions in T6C and T6D of the question pool in four separate sections. Overall, the question pool committee added several questions to T6C and T6D, but in part 1 below, all of the questions and answers are the same as in the 2010 question pool…Dan

Schematic symbols is the name for standardized representations of components in an electrical wiring diagram. (T6C01) The symbols on an electrical circuit schematic diagram represent electrical components. (T6C12) The way components are interconnected is accurately represented in electrical circuit schematic diagrams. (T6C13) T1 Figure T1 is a schematic diagram of a simple circuit that turns on a lamp when a positive voltage is applied to the input. Component 1 in figure T1 is a resistor. (T6C02) Its function is to limit the input current.

Component 2 in figure T1 is a transistor. (T6C03) Its function is to switch the current through the lamp on and off. The function of component 2 in Figure T1 is to control the flow of current. (T6D10)

Component 3 in figure T1 is the lamp. (T6C04) Component 4 in figure T1 is a battery. (T6C05) This battery supplies the current that lights the lamp.

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