2014 Tech study guide: schematics and components (part 2)

My study guide covers the questions in T6C and T6D of the question pool in four separate sections. Overall, the question pool committee added several questions to T6C and T6D, but in part 2 below, all of the questions and answers are the same as in the 2010 question pool…Dan

The circuit shown in Figure T2 is a simple power supply. Component 2 is a fuse.


Component 3 in figure T2 represents a single-pole single-throw switch. (T6D03) It turns the power supply on and off.

Component 4 in figure T2 is a transformer. (T6C09) A transformer is commonly used to change 120V AC house current to a lower AC voltage for other uses. (T6D06)

A rectifier changes an alternating current into a varying direct current signal. (T6D01) Component 5 in Figure T2 is a rectifier diode.

Component 6 in figure T2 is a capacitor. (T6C06) It is a filter capacitor, whose function is to help filter out the 60 Hz component of the rectified AC.

Component 8 in figure T2 is a light emitting diode. (T6C07). It is a pilot light, serving to alert a user when the power supply is on.

Component 9 in figure T2  is a variable resistor. (T6C08) Its purpose is to limit the output current of the supply.

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