A Tale of WOE (G3WOE, that is)

Well, I made four contacts tonight–two on 20m and two on 40m. (I called CQ on 30m for a while, but without success.)

The two QSOs on 20 were with stations in FL and TX. The two Qs on 40m, though, were with two Europeans: G3WOE and IK5SRD. And in both cases, they responded to my CQ.

The G3 QSO is a cool one because his callsign spells word, and I can hopefully add his card to my collection. The IK5 QSO was cool because he was running a K1 or K2 (I didn’t quite copy the number) at only 5W.


  1. I do enjoy your blog and the occasional items that appear. Are you on CW? Tks John

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    Thanks for your kind words, John.

    I’d say at least 95% of my HF contacts are CW contacts. I’m on 40m just about every day. I’ll be listening for you there.

  3. Found your blog on google. It gets a better rating than mu own web site if you enter G3WOE.!!.

    Did you ever get the QSL card?


  4. Oh, WOE is me. I still haven’t received your card, Michael. :)

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