8/10 Pass in Latest One-Day Class

Yesterday, Bruce, KD8APB, and I held another one-day Tech class. This time, however, only eight out of ten passed the test.

The two that failed, were a teenager and his grandmother. I was afraid that this might happen. Teenagers just don’t seem to do very well with this format.

I think part of the problem is that because the training is so intense, the students really have to stay focused. Kids, being kids, are not usually that focused. I’d be interested in hearing from any of you out there who have had more experience with teenagers.

Thanks to the VE team: Clay, W8JNZ; Roger, W8ZRF; Ralph, AA8RK; Rane, N8REG.


  1. Mike - WM4B says:

    We recently had a one-day class and had 12 of 14 pass. All of us were pretty impressed with the results. It’s definately an intense day for the students… glad to be sitting on the OTHER side of the table!

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