A Couple of Cool Websites

In searching for the e-mail address of a guy I just worked, I happened upon a couple of cool ham sites that I’d never visited before:

1. www.hamdata.com. This site is a compendium of license statistics. For example, the current homepage notes that

Since amateurs can no longer be licensed as Tech Plus, Novice, or Advanced, the number of amateurs holding these license classes is decreasing. Over the past 6 months the Tech Plus class is decreasing at an average rate of 31/day, the Novice class at 16/day, and the Advanced class at 4/day.

It also notes:

Over the past 6 months the Technician class is increasing at an average rate of 59/day, the General class at 6/day, and the Extra class at 5/day.

There’s also a page that lists the number of amateurs by state. Michigan, for example, has, 22,700 hams as of March 7, 2003.

2. www.vlf.it. This is an Italian site devoted to the very-low, ultra-low, and extremely-low frequency (VLF, ULF, and ELF) bands–basically anything below 22 kHz. Most of the articles cover antennas and receiving techniques. Also includes a page with links to many other LF websites, including those that describe amateur radio LF operation. The site’s host is Renato Romero, IK1QFK, an Italian amateur.

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