The Polish Connection

On Monday, I had a visitor from Poland, Jacek SP1EHI. I took him out to lunch and we had a nice chat about how they practice ham radio in Poland and how it’s different from how we do it here. For example, their 2m band is only 144 – 146 MHz, meaning that there are fewer 2m repeaters there than here, as repeater activity is restricted to the 145.5 – 146.0 MHz subband. Most repeater activity is on 440.

One similarity is the lack of activity. Jacek says that while there are a good number of licensees there, only about 1/4 of them are very active at all. That’s probably similar to the situation here.

I don’t know if Jacek was my good luck charm, but this evening I worked three SP stations in a row. Just after getting down to the shack and putting on the headphones, I heard SP1DPA calling CQ on 10.1175. I called and quickly got a 579 report. After our short QSO, I tuned down the band and came upon SP1EUS calling CQ on 10.1145. I got a 589 report from him.

Finally, after tuning around and not hearing any other CQs, I decided to blast one out myself. That drew a response from SP2SV, who also gave me a 579 report. This short Slinky dipole is really doing the job into Europe tonight! This is the first time that I ever worked three stations from the same country in a row like that.


  1. Charles De Neef says:

    I’m looking for a repeaters list in Poland.

    Hope you can e-mail the list



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