CARES Grant Proposal

I’ve just finished writing a grant proposal that could fund a community-based amateur radio station in Saline. I’m asking for $5,000 for this project.

The grant would come from the Saline CARES program. Their website says:

In 1999 the Saline Area Schools and the Coalition for a Quality Community (CQC) cosponsored the Saline Community Wide Planning Process in which approximately 150 community members met for 15 months to answer the question: What needs to happen in the Saline area to address growth and improve the quality of life? In September 2000, as a result of the recommendations of the Community Wide Planning Committee, voters passed the CARES Recreation Millage for 0.85 mills for 10 years. The millage will provide annual funding for five specific programs and also create a Discretionary Fund which may be allocated annually through a grant process to meet additional recreation needs.

Writing this proposal was an interesting exercise. I had to ask a lot of questions: How much should I ask for? Is $5,000 too much or too little? How can I make this sound like an attractive proposal?

The proposal, in its current form asks for $5,000. This money would be spent to purchase an HF transceiver, a tower, and antennas. That’s just the physical plant, though. In addition to setting up the station, the proposal also commits ARROW to conducting license classes and other classes related to amateur radio. That’s the real benefit to Saline of this program. The station just serves as a focal point.

I think this project, should it be approved would be a good thing for Saline and for amateur radio in this area. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Jeff Sadler says:

    I’d love a copy of your grant proposal…
    I’m doing some of the same work in New Jersey
    and I need to see an example of a good proposal.

    If we could make contact over Echolink or IRLP that would be great too.
    If you shoot me a phone number I’d call you no problem.

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