Hams Help in India

Ham Radio Operators Become Lifeline for Tsunami-Stricken Indian Islands

Hams lend a helping hand

Click on the story titles above to see how hams are aiding tsunami victims in India. It seems to me that the Indian government would do well to speed up their approval process.



    HI TO ALL,
    I have provide ham communications at Andal temple car festival in Srivilliputtur on 15th of wednesday augest 2007. Thousands of devotees partcipated and our ham radio club helped all the people at time a Sub-inspector of police left foot was caught under a iron plate of a bulldozer and ran our over him. Our ham operators called for an ambulance, which rusehd him to the hospital. All those in attendance appreciated the services of our club members.

    B/Regads : (VU2PAJ) P.A.Kumarasamy Raja.

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