A Headphone Kit

When I got back on the air three years ago, I purchased some Radio Shack headphones. They got good reviews on eHam, where relatively inexpensive, and accessible (there’s a Radio Shack only a couple miles from my house).

Fortunately, they turned out to be pretty good headphones. They were designed for use at racetracks (to monitor pit-driver communications) and did a great job of keeping out ambient noise. About the only thing I didn’t like is that they fit quite tightly, and therefore, could become uncomfortable after a time.

Unfortunately, they have one design flaw. They have a short, coiled cord connecting the phone plug to the headphone, and after three years of twisting and turning, the jacket has broken, and I’m afraid it won’t be long before the wires break. And, everythings molded together, so I can’t easily repair the thing.

That got me thinking about buying another set of headphones. When I bought the Radio Shack headphones, I’d considered the TR-2000 headset from Warren Gregoire Associates, but I didn’t want to wait for a mail order to arrive. Now, that i had the time, I decided to give them a try.

For $38 ($30 + $8 shipping), you get not only a set of headphones, but a boom mike as well. It’s a kit that you have to finish assembling, but that’s not a big deal. I decided not to install the boom mike, and it took me about 20 minutes to get it all together.

I like them. They’re more comfortable than the Radio Shack headphones, although they’re not quite as quiet. That’s the tradeoff. The audio quality seems to be equal to or better than the Radio Shack phones, although I’m not that discerning when it comes to audio quality.

One caution: for $30, you don’t get connectors. This wasn’t a problem for me, as I had the 1/4-in. phone plug, and I wasn’t going to install the microphone, but if you don’t have a ready source for connectors, you might want to purchase them as well. It’s an extra $8.

Also, you can get the phones pre-assembled. The cost for a pre-assembled headset is $59 plus shipping.

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