A Hip Look At Microwaves

I’m not much of a microwaves freak, but if I was I would visit Microwaves101.Com. According to the website, Microwaves101 is the “numero-uno source for microwave information since the previous unenlightened century.”

Here’s what they say that you’ll find there:

  • The basic concepts of microwave design theory in hypertext encyclopedic format!
  • Practical rules of thumb and other sage advice from Microwave O.F.s!
  • Useful microwave formulae presented in enter-and-click calculator formats!
  • The best microwave acronym and abbreviation dictionary anywhere!
  • Who was that masked man? The Unknown Editor needs to be placed under observation!
  • A virtual lobby filled with the best microwave vendors who want to be your friends!
  • A message board for technical and not-so-technical interchange!
  • An easy way to win a cool Microwaves101 pocketknife!
  • Tons more great stuff, bookmark the site, then look around!

What you won’t find there:

  • Pipe-smoking academic eggheads pondering esoteric, nerdly theoretical derivations to put you to sleep! But we do offer links to them….
  • Pictures of potatoes with arrows poking into them supporting any form of calculus!
  • Yuppie daytrader information spotlighting the latest microwave millionaire!
  • Greed-induced salary surveys to inflate your ego while you avoid real work!
  • Anybody complaining about anything that is “not fair” or politically incorrect!

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