A Man After My Own Heart

In addition to the first packet of QSL cards from the W2 bureau (see previous post), I received a card from Hugh, NT5O. Hugh writes, “Hello, and thank you very much for the ‘wrong number’ QSO in the 2009 Texas QSO Party.” That confused me for a second. I thought, “Did we send him the wrong serial number? And, if we did, why was he thanking me?”

Well, he went on to say,

You are my first 2-call from the 8-state of Michigan. I am trying to work and confirm all the ten numbers from each state—no mobiles or portables. I have 253 of the 500 confirmed so far, and a wrong number from every state except Wyoming. (I guess nobody ever moves there.)

Once I figure out what he meant by “wrong number QSO,” I smiled. I’m not the only one who has a weird QSL collection. In fact, after figuring out what it is that he was trying to do, I asked myself why didn’t I think of that! Hugh is certainly a man after my own heart.


  1. Lenny AE7LN says:

    Keep trying there are many “wrong” number here mostly “0”s 73s AE7LN

  2. A wrong number from every state would be 9 * 50 = 450 total.

    Not 10 * 50.

    One of the numbers will be the “right” number for that state.

    A 1 in 4-land

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