A New ARROW Banner

Our club needs a new banner, so I’ve come up with the design below. I’m not much of a designer, but I don’t think this is so bad. I’m also happy to get some suggestions. Fire away.

btw, I’m obviously using an unregistered copy of the drawing program I used to created this. It’s a pretty good program, though, and I’ll be purchasing it soon.

new ARROW banner


  1. I like it.

  2. I think it looks good, except for the “Unregistered X.” I would leave that off.

  3. Dan, I would not change a thing. This is a banner and it say it all, not a news letter… Thanks K9HBI

  4. Chris Ellis says:

    I’m not a licensed operator, I don’t even own a radio. I just like reading your blog. I work as a graphics designer and web designer and I think that’s a great looking logo, for what it’s worth.

  5. Thanks for all the great comments. I also got a bunch of comments via our club mailing list and have made some modifications. To see them, go to http://w8pgw.org/files/arrowbanner.jpg.

    (I cant figure out how to include a picture in a comment, so that’s why you have to surf over to the ARROW website.)

  6. Lloyd KO4L says:

    Great logo. Could you share the name of the program you used to create it? Thanks

  7. Dan KB6NU says:

    Thanks, Lloyd. The program I used is a Mac program called LineForm. You can find it on the Web at http://www.freeverse.com/apps/app/?id=6020.

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