A Practical Guide to EMC

This appeared in the April 2014 issue of IEEE SEM Chapter newsletter, Wavelengths. They’re electrical engineers, so they must know what they’re doing, right?

  • Put everything in metal boxes. No, make that two lead boxes, in fact.
  • Don’t make anything electric, use steam. But not for the European market because of the Simple Pressure Vessel Directive.
  • Don’t make anything with wires which connect to anything else. Communication should be by semaphore, hydraulics, or string.
  • If you must use electricity, ground everything – even signal lines.
  • Use metal connectors, metal shells, metal switches, metal fasteners; solder them all together and ground everything.
  • Put ferrites on everything, even string.
  • Don’t use electric motors. Use mice in little cage wheels. Put ground straps on the mice.
  • Don’t have any ventilation holes. They allow RF energy in and out of the enclosure. I know it’s bad for the mice, but, we live in a disposable age.
  • Bond everything to a ground plane – portable devices have the potential to generate way too
    much interference anyway.
  • Don’t use any removable parts – they compromise the integrity of the enclosure. Mice should be sealed in at the time of manufacture. This stops pooh from getting everywhere too.

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