A Pretty Good Day for Ham Radio at the Hands-On Museum

I’ve written before about Ham Radio at the Hands-On Museum. Well, today has been a pretty good day for this project.

First, I got an e-mail saying that we received the Ten-Tec Omni VII transceiver (the rig pictured in the header above) that we ordered. Then, about a half hour ago, I received an e-mail from Ann, the museum’s development director. She worte:

“I guess we got the grant — a check for $3,000 arrived today!”

The grant that she’s referring to is the one we requested to help us put up a tower at the museum.

Thanks, ARRL!


  1. Congratulations on getting the rig and the grant in the same day. It is like that some times. Feast or famine. I like the “Feast Days”. ;)

    Good luck with the tower. Maybe you will have it all up and going with a monster Yagi just in time for the fabled return of sunspots.

    Tonight was “Science Night” at my daughter’s school. Bands were pretty bad, so I had kids listen to CW on 40m. I copied a few conversations and then let the kids (~6-9 years old) send S-O-S and then their name. They catch on really fast to Code, but really like to talk more. The night was not a loss because CW was there.

    Again, I’m glad you had a good day at the Museum.


    Ronny, KC5EES
    Austin, TX

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