Agenda for the ARRL Board 2012 Annual Meeting, January 13-14, 2012

Here’s the agenda for the upcoming ARRL Board of Director’s meeting. Contact your director if you’d like more information or express an opinion.  If you’re an ARRL member, you can have the agendas and minutes sent to you via e-mail…….Dan

  1. Roll Call (Friday, January 13, 9:00 A.M.) and announcement that meeting is being recorded
  2. Moment of Silence
  3. Courtesies
    1. Introduction and welcome of first-time participants and guests
    2. Remarks/greetings from IARU Secretary Rod Stafford, W6ROD
    3. Remarks/greetings from Radio Amateurs of Canada President Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW
    4. Remarks/greetings from ARRL Foundation President Frenaye
  4. Consideration of the agenda of the meeting
  5. Elections
    1. Officers
    2. ExecutiveCommittee
    3. ARRL Foundation Directors
  6. Receipt and consideration of financial reports
    1. Treasurer’s report, Mr. McCobb
    2. Chief Financial Officer’s report, Mr. Shelley
    3. Chief Development Officer’s report, Ms. Hobart
  7. Motion to Adopt Consent Agenda (Any Board member may request that any item on the Consent Agenda be removed and discussed separately. Otherwise, the listed items will be considered as a whole without debate or amendment. Receipt of a report does not include approval of any recommendations contained in the report. Consideration of such recommendations comes later on in the agenda. Listed reports that are not received and distributed prior to the meeting will be removed from the Consent Agenda.)
    1. Receipt of other officers’ reports
      1. President Craigie
      2. First Vice President Roderick
      3. Vice President Frahm
      4. International Affairs Vice President Bellows
      5. Chief Executive Officer Sumner
      6. Chief Operating Officer Kramer
      7. Chief Technology Officer Price
    2. Receipt of General Counsel’s report, Mr. Imlay
    3. Receipt of Legislative Relations report, Mr. Chwat
    4. Receipt of committee and coordinator reports
      1. Executive Committee, Mrs. Craigie, Chairman
      2. Administration & Finance Committee, Mr. Ahrens, Chairman
      3. Programs & Services Committee, Mr. Edgar, Chairman
      4. Ethics & Elections Committee, Mr. Frenaye, Chairman
      5. Amateur Radio Legal Defense & Assistance Committee, Mr. Ahrens, Chairman
      6. RF Safety Committee, Mr. Blocksome, Liaison
      7. EMC Committee, Mr. Carlson, Chairman
      8. Public Relations Committee, Dr. Boehner, Liaison
      9. Historical Committee, Mrs. Birmingham, Chairman
      10. Ad Hoc Band Planning Committee, Mr. Frahm, Chairman
      11. National Broadband Plan Committee, Mr. Bellows, Chairman
      12. Centennial Celebration Committee, Mrs. Craigie, Chairman
      13. Ad Hoc Committee on Youth in the Second Century, Mr. Mileshosky, Chairman
      14. UHF/Microwave Band Plan Committee, Mr. Roderick, Chairman
      15. ARDF Coordinator Joe Moell, K0OV
      16. Contest Advisory Committee
      17. DX Advisory Committee
      18. VHF-UHF Advisory Committee
      19. Emergency Communications Advisory Committee
  8. Consideration of items removed from Consent Agenda
  9. Consider recommendations of the Standing Committees (Additional recommendations as contained in the reports will be added to this agenda item as the reports are received.)
    1. Executive Committee
    2. Administration and Finance Committee
    3. Programs and Services Committee
  10. Consider additional recommendations as contained in reports (to be added to this agenda item as the reports are received)
  11. Proposals for amendments to Articles of Association and Bylaws
    1. Amendments to implement electronic voting
  12. Directors’ motions:
    1. Mr. Sarratt, Southeastern Division
    2. Mr. Norton, Southwestern Division
    3. Dr. Woolweaver, West Gulf Division
    4. Mr. Edgar, Atlantic Division
    5. Mr. Isely, Central Division
    6. Mr. Widin, Dakota Division
    7. Mr. Norris, Delta Division
    8. Dr. Weaver, Great Lakes Division
    9. Mrs. Birmingham, Hudson Division
    10. Mr. Ahrens, Midwest Division
    11. Mr. Frenaye, New England Division
    12. Mr. Fenstermaker, Northwestern Division
    13. Mr. Vallio, Pacific Division
    14. Mr. Bodson, Roanoke Division
    15. Mr. Mileshosky, Rocky Mountain Division
  13. Any other business
  14. Adjournment

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