Amateur Radio on the BBC and NPR

I’ve come across two stories on traditional media that either are about amateur radio or have some amateur radio content. Both are worth a look and listen….Dan

BBC News: The very particular world of amateur radio


BBC News: the very particular world of amateur radio. In the face of the internet, mobiles and instant messaging you might expect the hobby of amateur radio – or ham radio as it’s also known – to be on the decline. But in the last three years, the number of amateur radio licences has risen by over 8,000 – with 80,000 currently issued in the UK. This video tells the story of an amateur radio club in the UK, as they set up a special event station at Astley Hall, a stately home in Lancashire.

NPR’s The Story – Tony Schwartz: 30,000 Recordings Later. While not specifically about amateur radio, Tony Schwartz, one of the pre-eminent collectors of audio recordings from all over the world was also an amateur radio operator. He enjoyed both collecting recordings and being an amateur radio operator for much the same reason, they allowed him to experience other cultures without having to travel.

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