Amateur radio in the news: TV on the Space Station, neighbors clash over tower

Ham video premiers on space station. Astronauts on the International Space Station can now talk with people on Earth with video using simple transmitters. ‘Ham TV’ has been set up in ESA’s Columbus laboratory and already used for talking with ground control.

Ham video premiers on space station

Ham TV equipment. Credit: Kayser Italia

Area amateur radio club hosts annual event. Ham radio operators are, in some ways, silent community servants. That’s because most folks don’t realize the variety of services ham radio operators provide.

The Postie’s role in radio. Most people know something about Amateur Radio even if it is only the slightly misleading impression created in the Radio Ham sketch by Tony Hancock. Despite radio amateurs employing various techniques or modes to contact each other including bouncing signals off the moon, using repeaters linked to the other side of the world via the internet, Morse code etc , the one most people think of, telephony or plain speech. A mode that most lay people would not think of is Teleprinter known to Ham’s as RTTY. If you are old enough you may remember the Saturday afternoon sports results coming into the studio on a ribbon of paper from “the Teleprinter” where text was sent over the telephone lines as a series of changing tones and read live in the studio from a rattling clanking noisy machine that translated these warbling audio tones into text.

Residents, homeowner clash over hobby radio tower in backyard. A battle is brewing in Sheridan Homelands between an amateur hobby radio operator and some of his neighbours over plans to install an antenna and tower on his property.


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