Amateur Radio Surges in Oz

The AgeAn article on the resurgence of amateur radio in Australia appeared yesterday in the newspaper The Age. Just like here in the states, the resurgence is attributed to the elimination of the Morse Code test and the new Foundation license, which is similar to our Technician Class license:

Wireless Institute of Australia spokesman Jim Linton (VK3PC) says one of the biggest things to happen to amateur radio is the removal of Morse code as a minimum requirement for an operator to obtain a licence.

The foundation licence is now simple enough for young children to acquire.

About 20,000 Australians have amateur radio licences, with increasing interest being shown by younger people and women.

”There was virtually no one interested before the arrival of the newest entry level,” Linton says. ”Now we have more activity on air, increased numbers being assessed and a higher level of club membership.”


  1. That’s great to see! I’ve only been a ham for two months, and my 13 year old son just got his call sign from the FCC today, so maybe we’ll see it continue to grow. ;-)

  2. Whether that bodes well or ill for amateur radio as a whole remains to be seen. The closer it gets to CB radio, the faster ham radio as a respected hobby declines I fear. One things for certain, 20, even 10 years from now it will look nothing like ham radio of old, which we all hope is a good thing!

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