Amateur radio videos: Arduino, K6H, British humor

More ham radio YouTube videos:

Ham radio Arduino beacon. A simple ham radio morse beacon comprising a Barbones arduino, and a keyed oscillator. Sources of all info except the oscillator are in the credits and clip. You can key any simple oscillator the same way.

Working K6H Special Event Ham Radio Station On The Set Of “Last Man Standing” I haven’t yet watched this show, but I think it’s pretty cool that they were able to operate from the set.

The BBC on Ham Radio – 1950s Style. Here’s some vintage Tony Hancock and the “The Radio Ham”. To be honest, I couldn’t watch this all the way to the end, but you might find it more humorous than I did.



  1. Dave, N8SBE says:

    I’m surprised that the “Last Man Standing” crew went ahead with their plans to get a special call sign, after the ham there in charge of the station decided that it could be considered too commercial for ham radio. There were a lot of folks quite interested in contacting the station, and I think the initial rush made him re-think the ethics of the situation. I’m glad to see they finally did it. The station appears on the show in the background of the sporting goods store office set on a fairly regular basis, and the radio is always on (with the volume turned down), with lots of ham type stuff scattered around (QSLs, “wallpaper”, etc., including a Handbook that Tim uses as a platform for his web cam tripod when he’s recording video blogs for his sporting goods store web site).

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