An Interesting Find

Recently, someone donated an entire TS-820 station to our Ham Radio at the Hands-On Museum project. The equipment included a fully decked-out TS-820, plus a lot of other stuff from that era (the late 1970s), including a Heathkit code practice oscillator, a Handbook, and other assorted books and materials.

I’d looked through this stuff before, but somehow I’d overlooked the Heathkit Amateur Radio Log. Here are a couple of scans I made:


Kinda cool, isn’t it? I’d never seen one of these before.


  1. haha! I got one of these when I built my first HW7 and used them through my HW9 untill computer logging became feasable(sp) then of course they sort of ‘disappeared’ great to have something like this when out in the boonies.
    73, NJ1T

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