An Interesting QSO

I just had an interesting QSO, and I was paid a very nice compliment in the process. I called CQ and got a reply from Howard K7JNX. We were operating somewhere between 25 and 30 wpm.

Howard complimented me on my fist, mentioning that he was using MixW software to copy. I must have a pretty good fist because MixW usually only copies machine sent code really well.

He also said that he hadn’t operated CW for almost two years, but that he was really enjoying this QSO. I asked him how much he was able to copy by ear, and he estimated that he was getting about 60%, and that MixW was filling in when he missed what I was sending.

I’m usually not a big fan of using a computer to copy code, but if it encourages operators to get back on CW, then I’m all for it. Howard said that he enjoyed the QSO so much that he was definitely going to try it again.

He also said that he would try to find out what programs that other guys were using to copy CW and e-mail me what he finds out. I’ll post that here when I get that e-mail.


  1. Dan KB6NU says:

    Just got this email from K7JNX….Dan

    Hi Dan,

    I just wanted to follow up on what I mentioned during our CW QSO the other evening. I had mentioned that I remembered reading some comments on the MixW discussion group about the lackluster quality of MixW’s CW capabilities (compared to its good performance on the digital soundcard modes). You can see that discussion at

    Several comments rave about CWGet: One review is at

    I haven’t done so yet, but I intend to download CWGET and see how it does compared to MixW.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the air again!

    Best regards,

    Howard K7JNX

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