Another Good Reason to Buy Astron

When hams ask me what kind of power supply they should buy for their stations, I always recommend Astron, and I always recommend the linear supplies. I know that modern switching supplies are a lot better than older ones as far as RF noise, but why screw around? Get a linear supply to start with, and you don’t have to worry at all.

I always recommend Astron because the supplies are well-made and reliable, and when they do fail, you can fix them yourself (I have). Now, I have yet another reason to recommend them: good customer service.

I inherited an Astron RS-35A, a 35 A supply. When I went to turn it on for the first time, it turned on, but the switch wouldn’t latch in the ON position. This was a real bummer as I was trying to give a demonstration of ham radio to some middle-school kids.

At any rate, I just called Astron in an attempt to either purchase the part or get them to give me a manufacturer and model number. I got through to someone there, who said, “Well, we have a ten dollar minimum, and that part costs only two dollars, but I’ll put one in an envelope and just mail it to you.”

So, that’s why great customer service is yet another reason to buy an Astron.


  1. Douglas Crute says:

    Years ago I had the same experence with yaesu I lost the band knob and a couple of screws on the bottom of my FT-530 and they sent me the parts no charge. That made my day.

  2. Dan,
    I agree with the Astron recommendation…I have several of their power supplies. The linear supplies tend to be simpler and arguably more serviceable, but man are they heavy. The switching supplies are really sweet for portable operation due to their light weight and small size. So lately, I have been buying the switchers and highly recommend them. No RF hash problems for me.

    I also have a Samlex switching supply which I am very happy with.

    73, Bob K0NR

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