ARRL 2013 Auction starts October 24

The ARRL actually purchases the items that they test and review in QST. ┬áThey buy them from the same dealers that you and I get our equipment to avoid the manufacturers sending them a “golden unit.”

So, every year, they have a bunch of gear that they need to sell. They now do this online. In addition, they also dredge up some items that have been hanging around ARRL HQ for years.


ARRL 2013 Auction


If you are receiving this message you are registered at the ARRL On-Line Auction site and the 2013 Auction preview is on right now.

We’ve outdone ourselves this year and you’ll find several hundred items up for bid. Our offerings will include product review gear, prized because it’s already been pre-tested by our ARRL Lab staff; donated items by retailers and manufacturers and a large number of rare books to complete your collection.

Auction will commence on October 24th at 10AM EST and conclude on October 31st. But you can view the items now and browse through the site. Please also take a minute to update your address and credit card information if you’ve made changes since the last Auction.

Be sure to read through the Auction Information area as well. In addition to the conditions of the Auction, you’ll find hints and tips about bidding.

You’ll also be able to retrieve your previous Auction user name and password if you’ve forgotten them since last year. Remember, your regular ARRL user name and password does not work at this site and you created a user name and password here when you registered.

Enjoy the site and enjoy the 8th Annual 2013 ARRL On-Line Auction.


Your ARRL On-Line Auction Crew

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