ARRL Executive Committee meets Saturday, 3/29

The ARRL Executive Committee is meeting this Saturday. I received the agenda for the meeting yesterday. They will be addressing a lot of interesting issues, including:

  • RM-11715; Mimosa Networks, Inc. Petition for Rule Making, proposing Part 90 Mobile allocation in the 10.0-10.5 GHz band; impact on Amateur secondary allocation at 10.0- 10.5 GHz (Development of policy for response to Petition; comment date April 11, 2014).
  • RF Lighting Device Complaint to FCC (Complaint Filed with FCC March 12, 2014; consideration of further strategies to address Part 15 and Part 18 RF devices, especially RF Lighting devices; partnering with AM Broadcast advocates).
  • WT Dockets 12-283 and 09-209; RM-11625 and RM-11629; Amendment of the Amateur Service Rules Governing Qualifying Examination Systems and Other Matters; Amateur Use of Narrowband TDMA Part 90 equipment in the Amateur Service; Examination Session Remote Proctoring (ARRL comments filed December 21, 2012; second temporary waiver request for TDMA emission granted).
  • ARRL Petition for Rule Making to Amend Parts 2 and 97 to Create a New MF Allocation for the Amateur Service at 472-479 kHz. (Status of 472-479 kHz Petition filed November 29, 2012); and ET Docket 12-338, Amendment of Parts 1, 2, 15, 74, 78, 87, 90 & 97 of the Commission’s Rules Regarding Implementation of the Final Acts of the World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva 2007), Other Allocation Issues, and Related Rule Updates; 135.7-137.8 kHz and 1900-2000 kHz primary allocation.
  • ET Docket 13-84; Reexamination of RF exposure regulations. (FCC proposal to subject the Amateur Service to a “general exemption” table for conducting a routine environmental review of a proposed new or modified station configuration; exemption criteria as the preemptive standard as against more stringent state or local criteria.) 


As you can see, there’s a lot going on. Contact your division director if you have a comment or question about any of these issues.

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