ARRL News – January 25, 2012

We’ve criticized the ARRL website here on KB6NU.Com from time to time, but there’s a lot of good stuff there, too. In particular, they regularly post timely news items. Here are three items I found particularly interesting:

  • FCC denies Anchorage VEC’s waiver request. In July 2011, the Anchorage VEC asked the FCC to permit individuals who have previously held an Amateur Radio license grant issued by the Commission — but which has expired and is beyond the two year grace period for renewal — to receive credit for elements previously passed, and thus a new license grant, without additional examination.
    I’m not altogether sure why this VEC would request this waiver. In fact, I’ve suggested that maybe it would be a good idea to regularly re-test ham radio operators.
  • Minutes of ARRL Board’s winter meeting posted. The ARRL board held their annual winter meeting the weekend of January 13-14, 2012. The  minutes from that meeting have now been posted. These are always interesting and worth perusing.
    One item of interest is that the board has approved electronic voting for division elections. I wonder how that would have affected, if at all, the two elections that I participated in.
  • LOTW to support CQ awards. The ARRL and CQ magazine have agreed that QSLs recorded in Logbook of the World can now be used to apply for CQ-sponsored operating awards. These are the first non-ARRL awards to be supported by LoTW. The first CQ award that you will be able to apply for via LOTW is the WPX award.


  1. Dave N8SBE says:

    Did you miss the announcement of an electronic edition of QST, or did you cover that already elsewhere? Fortunately, at least for the moment, they haven’t proposed dropping the print edition, but I can see a few years from now, the other shoe dropping.

    I now keep only sufficient print editions to cover the gap between the current issues of QST and the ones in the members-only online archive. I keep back issues of QRP Quarterly, but that is helped by their putting out a CD with a ton of back issues some time ago. I only keep other non-ham magazines for a year — their editorial cycle repeats every year, like clockwork, so there really isn’t anything of lasting value in most magazines that are more than a year old.

    Anything else you can find on the Internet these days. A Library subscription to Oreilly’s Safari online technical book service keeps me drowning in programming and digital photography books.

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