Bug Advice

On the qrp-l.org mailing list, Doug K4DSP offered the following advice for using a bug:

  1. Get a decent bug. A piece of junk will sound like a piece of junk and you’ll get frustrated very quickly. You can still buy new bugs from Vibroplex for less than $200. You only buy quality once.
  2. Whether you buy a new one or a used one (and especially if you buy a used one!) download the Vibroplex adjustment guide from Vibroplex and read it.
  3. Get or make an additional weight so you don’t send dits at a ridiculous rate.
  4. Practice.

This is good advice. #1 especially resonated with me. I bought a cheap one off EBay, and I regret it. I can’t seem to adjust it properly and it generates flakey code.


  1. i have a vibroplex w/ a #63307 double lever………have any info on them?

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

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