Build a TX for the 1929 QSO Party

This from VE7SL via the qrp-l mailing list:

If any of you were thinking about putting something together for the Antique Wireless Association’s 1929-style QSO party, there is still time to throw together a little Hartley or TNT!

The 1929 QSO party runs Dec 05/06 and Dec 10/11 (2300z-2300z). This is the contest where entrants are required to use a tube and tx circuit design that was only available in 1929 or earlier (210, 245, 27….there’s a bunch of them, mostly triodes). No xtals are allowed …..self-excited oscillators only! Your transmitter doesn’t have to look pretty either! Most of the activity is on 80m (3550-3580) but there are always a handfull of brave soles venturing way up to 40m (7040-7060) as well.

There has been a significant rule change this year that allows the ’29 member stations to work non-’29ers for points (previously these QSO’s could not be scored) so even if you don’t put a transmitter together, please join in the fun and listen to the chirps and buzzes of what the bands once sounded like….and then call them!

For inspiration, I have posted a gallery of eligible transmitters. The AWA has a ‘quick-build’ plan on their website, and a page on replica vintage transmitters.

Hope to hear you in the contest.

73 / Steve


  1. Jim falls says:

    Got mine all laid out and starting to bolt it onto the board! I’m running a pair of #27′s in series w/a Remler VC that has both sets of plates movable. I can pull one of the 27′s if I find I’m running QRO, hi!


  2. Have a TNT built with a UX245. Works well trying to get a matching regen to go with it. Dont feel right about runninga 1929 design TX but using a modern rx. I ave had the regen working but not to my sastisfacion. I have a 1930/40s station on the air (Saturday nights usually 3561-3562khz. It s a 50l6 tx with a 6sl7 regen.Works good. See you tube Ham Radio After Dark. Want the 20s style stuff as well. My TNT and this regen are on 40M
    Don VE3LYX

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