Build an Antenna Mast from Irrigation Pipe

For the past several years, my club, ARROW Communications Assn., has been fortunate to have the use of a big hay field at Domino’s Farms. (Yes, Domino’s Farms is home to Domino’s Pizza, one of the two biggest pizza chains in the country.)

One of the cool things about this site is that it’s close to the city of Ann Arbor, yet as the name would imply, out in the country. We set up in a big hay field that they mow for us just before Field Day. One of the features of this hay field is the irrigation pipe, which we put to use as antenna masts. We simply guy 30-ft. sections of this pipe to support all manner of wire antennas.

Having had some experience with the use of irrigation pipe as an antenna mast, I was happy to find the website, APRS Antenna Mast. This site explains how to build a 55-ft. portable mast from damaged sections of irrigation pipe. Very cool and very cheap.


  1. Rich Line says:

    Nice place for field day !
    I do 15 mtr phone at 32 mi.rd. and Van Dyke in Romeo.
    I have a K3 too…………………..
    Saw the antenna(s)this morning and did a search.

    Rich KC8HMJ

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