Call CQ Properly and Get More Replies

Mike, K8XF, is an on-the-air friend of mine and one heck of an operator. Here’s something that was recently published in Issue #3 of the Fists CW Club newsletter:

Calling CQ
Mike Zbrozek, K8XF
Fists #6773, Radio Electronics Officer 1980-1996

I have noticed in the past two years the art of calling CQ has changed. Too many ops seem to call CQ  and never receive an answer. The reason for this is that these ops are not calling CQ properly.

Here are some ways NOT to call CQ:

  • Send CQ 12 times and then your call twice,
  • send CQ five times and your call once,
  • send CQ twice followed by your call sloppily once without a K at the end.

I could go on and on regarding the strange CQs that I’ve heard.

I have been a ham almost 38 years, and here is the way to do it CQ CQ CQ de K8XF K8XF. This sequence sent three times, or CQ CQ CQ de K8XF K8XF K8XF sent three times, followed by PSE K, will make it much more likely that someone will reply to your call.

Also, never use KN at the end of the CQ sequence. KN means “do not break me.” That being the case, sending KN makes no sense.

What does make sense is to use good operating practice when it comes to calling CQ. Let’s all get on the same page here.

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