Carl and Jerry – Adventures in Electronics

From the MAKE blog:

In the 50s and 60s, John T. Frye, W9EGV/Popular Electronics published a series of fiction stories called “The Carl and Jerry Stories.” In each story the pair acquired new skills, got their ham radio licenses, and used their knowledge of electronics to get out of a jam or solve a mystery. There isn’t a complete collection of all the stories that I know of, but there are some scans/text online. The stories are entertaining, fun, and I can imagine how many engineers, scientists, and makers got their start from reading these wonderful tales.

I seem to have missed these stories. My dad did not start subscribing to Popular Electronics until shortly after after they stopped publishing them in December 1964.


  1. Shades of “The Mad Scientist Club”

    Not formative in my youth, but very fun reading, and encouraging my direction as a Mad Scientist QRP builder.

  2. George M. Ewing, wa8wte says:

    Jeff Duntemann, K7JPD, has legally reprinted all 119 original C&J stories
    in 5 paperback volumes available from, and also posted many free stories
    to be downloaded check out, and follow the links…

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