Manual Provides Guidelines for Radio Installations

This is from Mike, W2MJZ…Dan

I just just came across the 2005 version of the Motorola  U.S. Standards and Guidelines for Communications Sites (Motorola R56) as a downloadable PDF. This highly detailed document is the absolute gold standard for radio communications site construction. The 518 page book details a very wide range of topics such as grounding, power distribution, safety, and accepted radio communication site construction practices.

Unlike the very limited and sometimes ambiguous material found in NEC with regard to correct radio communications site practices, the Motorola standard goes into great depth in areas of real concern to the amateur radio operator. What should also be noted is that this document is not a dry complex engineering level text, but rather, it is a user friendly, well illustrated guide geared towards professional radio communications technicians and installers.

I haven’t had much time to review the entire manual, but from what little I’ve seen it’s well worth downloading.