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Here, try this one: that I did with Gordon West this summer

I would like to fool around with 10 GHz some day.

Affordable radio – a full QSK CW transceiver with built in keyer for $40 ! #hamr #qrp

The PigRig is just the things for the Flying Pigs of ham radio!

Handiham World Weekly E-Letter for the week of Wednesday, 02 January 2013: Courage Center Handiham World Weekly …

Handi-Hams does a great thing for hams with disabilities.

What the ham radio world needs

On Google+, Frank, W2FDB wrote: “Looking for a cross platform call logging application. One that can be used on an Android mobile system as well as on a desktop.” As someone who uses both Macs and PCs, and who is contemplating purchasing an Android tablet, I also think that this would be a good thing for ham radio.

This got me to thinking about other gadgets or software that we need in ham radio. For example, I think that we need an entry-level microwave setup. The ham radio frequency bands most vulnerable to takeover by other services/interest are the UHF and microwave bands. An entry-level setup that’s easy for a beginner to purchase and use would go a long way to increasing our use of those bands.

Can you think of any other gadgets or software that would be good for ham radio?

HSMM Lives

I often wondered what happened the the HIgh-Speed Multimedia (HSMM) work that was going on. It never really seems to get much press. Several years ago, I attended an HSMM session at a Great Lakes Division convention, but really nothing since then.

I have, however, found one group that’s doing some interesting work with HSMM. HSMM-Mesh is a group that’s developed the hardware and software necessary to create self-configuring mesh networks. They use relatively cheap hardware – $60 wireless routers – and software that they’ve developed to do this.

It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in doing something like this. Their website isn’t really for novice users, but this approach really has some potential, imho.