Random Links

Here are some more stuff from the Internet. I was going to do separate posts on these items, but decided I’m probably not going to get around to doing that, so here they are……….Dan

  • More wired Chinese tuning into amateur radio: Chinese amateurs now number 90,000 and growing. Thanks to KA3DRR.
  • KB2GSD, SK. TWIAR story on Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD, available as MP3 download.
  • Daycounter Engineering Services Engineering Calculators. Ralph, AA8RK sent me the link to this page of engineering calculators, but he gives the credit to Shannon Herron for finding it.
  • Russian Radio. These are apparently electronic versions of the Russian Radio magazine, but I don’t have the Deja Vu viewer needed to open them, nor do I read Russian. :)
  • Old–really old–computers. Fritz, N4JVP, posted a link to the British Computer Conservation Society to the Glowbugs mailing list. The CCS is restoring several 1950s computers that were built using relays and vacuum tubes.

More Stuff I Gleaned from Twitter

Here are thee more items I discovered via Twitter:

  • Ham Mag #6. The June 2009 issue of this free electronic magazine is now available for download (it’s a PDF file). This issue includes articles on a QRP transceiver for 20m, a 10m rubber duck antenna for the FT-817, and Chuck Blaney, a WWII radio operator.
  • Why Join a Ham Club? This article from the ARRL website makes the case for joining a ham club. It could be a little more detailed, but hopefully it will get more newcomers to join clubs.
  • Tesla Coil @NLL 3/3. This video shows Greg Leyh’s 40kW 11-foot secondary Tesla Coil operating at NLL in San Francisco for DorkbotSF Jun 4 2009. Very impressive.

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