China Ham Radio 2010 Expo + Fest

I got this e-mail last Friday, but only found it this morning in the spam folder. Sounds like fun to me. I wish I could make it.

I love the slogan, “Better radio, better communication, better life…..Dan


CHINA HAM Radio 2010 Expo + Fest.
Date: April 3-5,2010
Venue?INTEX Shanghai
Better radio, better communication, better life

Dear friend who is in charge,

Welcome to CHINA HAM Radio 2010 EXPO + FEST..

In today’s economic climate, there are still plenty of ways for amateur radio brands/suppliers to grow their business. As the Asian market (especially Chinese market continues to grow at an impressive rate, with a huge potential still to be fulfilled, the demand for high quality productis and solutions is continuing to rise rapidly. It is crucial that the brands/suppliers, who want to succeed in the global market, understand and use the most up-to-date equipment, consumables and materials to unlock the door to business excellence.

We are proud to announce the launch of the China (Shanghai) International HAM Radio Expo & Festival, which is one of the most professional radio fair in amateur operating China. Come to CHINA HAM 2010 and discover innovative ways to stay ahead of your competitors, optimize your workflow and explore creative new design solutions, helping you to maximize your profitability.

We’re so glad to invite you to attend this event – By invitation of the Shanghai Radio Administration Bureau (SRAB), SRSA, Chinese Wireless Association – MTTI Of P.R.CHINA and Shanghai Tarsus Hope Exhibition Co., Ltd., we hereby warmly invite & welcome the overseas & domestic personalities of all walks of life to our exhibition. Let us meet in Shanghai, and share this grand occasion.

Exhibitor Center online:

Visitor Center online:

More service and pre-show exposure for exhibitors you can learn from Oliver Wee (Tel: 0086-21-58526739 M.P.:0086 13917619596)

Any require about CHINA HAM 2010, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Oliver Wee
Tarsus Shanghai
Hope Exhibition
Tel: 0086-21-58526739

Background information
1. Review of CHINA HAM 2009-obtained friendship and joy widely:
The event report show that the CHINA HAM 2009 which held in June,2009 at INTEX Shanghai has serviced for 5.100 visitor which is from 11 countries and 23 provinces in China. The hams all over the world like one family gathering. The domestic hams coming from Xinjiang, Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Tibet, Sichuan, Hong Kong, Guangdong(especially Shenzhen) and Shanghai local are gathering in CHINA HAM 2009. The oversea hams, e.g., from Australia, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, etc. showed their interests and passion on the exhibition. CHINA HAM is a platform offering interaction and communication opportunities to every visitors.
Quotes from last exhibitors:

2. About CHINA HAM:

  • Unique international and professional event in China. Obtained friendship and joy widely in last year from 23 provinces and other 12 countries.
  • Supported by national radio administrating authority and industry.
  • 30 mins lectures, annual conference, flea market, QSL card, badge will show.
  • Be held in Shanghai which is the host city of World Expo 2010.
  • Getting newest products, most brands and best price. Achieve your mass marketing plan with the whole area of radio.
  • Developing your technology, funny and business 130,000 member of CRSA, 30% users number risen.


  1. Yeah, me too. I believe that China is going to become the leading world economy during this century. It is going to be very interesting watching ham radio develop there as more and more Chinese citizens get an improved standard of living and are able to afford the hobby.

  2. i still like to know if i can use radio in china, i am an Australian and i have been a ham for 20 years and
    live in china 5 years, i very hope some one can tell me how i can get to use radio in china and not just at a club as we all know ham radio is not just going to a club and let people sit about watching what you are doing, i would expect as i have been working in a university for as long as i have, that i could get to use not only HF but VHF and i hope to use radio to help my students get involved in speaking to the ISS as its a fun thing to do, i hope you can send me some way i can get to use radio in china as an Australian.
    some people told me just use it to speak to the ISS as no one would know as its just a short QSL.
    but i like to know how to do it by the book first. thank you all

    PS as this is a open Blog i don’t use my VK call

  3. Hi
    I’m planning a visit to china, am looking for a ham radio stores in Shanghai, if you know any please let me know.

    Thank you for the help

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