Connect with ARRL and Amateur Radio via Social Media?

This from the latest ARRL Letter. Do any of you follow the ARRL on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter?  What do you get out of it?

ARRL participates on many of the popular social networking sites to share news, photos, events and videos. Check out these sites for communities of ARRL members who share your interests in Amateur Radio. We’ll share everything with you — and you can share with us, too!

Find Us on Facebook

  • — With almost 20,000 fans, the ARRL’s Facebook page is the largest Amateur Radio site in social media.
  • — A nifty way to follow the latest LoTW news. LoTW is an exciting way for radio amateurs to confirm two-way contacts they have made and use the confirmations as credit toward various ARRL awards.

Follow Us on Twitter

  • arrl — Find all of the latest information in the Amateur Radio community with this Amateur Radio newsfeed.
  • ARRL_EMCOMM — Interested in Emergency Communications? Then be sure to follow all the latest EmComm and ARES® happenings.
  • ARRL_PR – Geared toward the ARRL Public Information Coordinators and Pubic Information Officers in the League’s Field Organization, this Twitter feed focuses on public relations and media issues involving Amateur Radio.
  • ARRL_DXCC — The Twitter home of the ARRL’s DXCC awards program.
  • ARRL_Youth — For the young and young-at-heart, this Twitter feed delves into how youth can have fun with Amateur Radio.

Watch Us on YouTube

  • — Catch the latest videos from the ARRL – including monthly Product Reviews and event highlights — on the League’s YouTube channel.

Listen to Us on iTunes

  • — Listen and download the latest ARRL news, uploaded as a podcast to iTunes. Click here for instructions on how to subscribe to this weekly feature.


  1. Rich, KE4GNK says:

    Truth is, I really don’t follow ARRL on anything other than their website. If an interesting link shows up elsewhere, such as on this blog, for example, I might click on it.

    Routine use of twitter or facebook, forget it–too many twits tweeting, and I don’t try to ‘friend’ the whole world…that’s what radios are for, IMHO…

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