Connector/Cable Wiki Helps You Make Connections

Thanks to Frank, K0BRA, for pointing this out via the AMRAD mailing list. He writes:

Now there is a Wiki on connector pinouts [and cable wiring]. If you are into making cables to hook this to that and need pin numbers you may find this makes it quick and easy. There is a lot of obscure stuff out there and this is the place to find it. If you don’t, then add it.

Looks like a good resource, and because it’s a wiki, you can add connector pinouts and cable wiring lists that aren’t there. Shall we start a ham radio cable category?


  1. Seems like a useful service. Microphone plugs are notoriously obscure…

  2. There’s an extensive list of amateur radio wikis on

    A few other ham wikis for various specialised purposes include:
    APRS wiki
    APRS – Japanese language
    Linksys NSLU print server to APRS digipeater conversion project
    New Zealand ZL-HAMS
    XASTIR APRS client

    and some local clubs:
    Casper ARC
    Clarkson U, Potsdam K2CC
    NYC Resistor
    US Jet Propulsion Lab ARC

    There’ s also some info on (Ubuntu Linux wiki) and on Wikipedia.

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