Contact Frequencies for Schools, Kids

This item is from the November 2007 edition of the ARRL’s Education Services News for Instructors and Teachers….Dan

Teachers and Scout leaders and others who are working with kids and amateur radio have been telling us that it can be difficult to find another school or group of kids to talk to. Scheduled nets are pretty difficult to arrange with kids amid all of the conflicts that arise during school days and after school.

To help you find each other, we suggest some meeting places on the bands where kids and teachers and youth leaders can look for a contact. If we get the word out to enough of you, perhaps we can make these band locations a destination for kids looking to share a conversation with other kids somewhere across the country. These bands are available to those with the appropriate license privileges, or kids under supervision of an operator with those privileges.

We picked these locations to become youth hot spots:

  • 40 meters: 7,180 kHz
  • 20 meters: 14,270 kHz
  • 10 meters: 28,333 kHz

Brian Lloyd from Granite Bay Montessori School suggests we add destinations on 30 meters for CW and other digital modes and 17 meters. Let’s try these:

  • 30 meters: 10,125 kHz
  • 17 meters: 18,120 kHz

I hope you’ll find a way to join Brian and his 5th-8th grade wireless technology students on the air!

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