Here’s another great idea for GOTA stations that’s gaining traction on the ARRL PR mailing list—instead of calling “CQ Field Day,” call “CQ GOTA.” Maybe, just maybe, hams answering that call will take the time to speak slowly and use plain language, giving the GOTA station operator every opportunity to have a great experience.

Dennis, KG4RUL, who originated the idea, says, “Listen for N4EE calling “CQ GOTA STATIONS” and we WILL take the time to talk with you.”

Other stations who have also signed up to do this include:
W8PGW – Ann Arbor, MI
W5TSA – Waco, TX
W5DLP – Van Zandt County, TX
W9FCC – Onalaska, WI

Email me or respond to this post, and I’ll add your call and location to this list.


  1. Very good idea. A week late for our club/myself, however, it’s certainly food for thought next year. Count our club in — W9EOC Vincennes, IN

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