Dada? No. VP7DL

In addition to this blog, I also blog on automotive testing at AutoTestNews.Com. This afternoon, I got a phone from a guy in Great Britain inquiring about one of my entries there.

After our conversation, he mentioned that his father was an amateur radio operator. I asked if he remembered his father’s callsign. “VP7DL,” he quickly replied. “Want to know how I remember that,” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Well, when I was little,” he continued, “I used to love watching my father operate, and apparently, VP7DL was the fist thing I ever said!”

How amusing is that?


  1. Mike H. says:

    My father’s callsign was WA6HWR and his cute mnemonic was “We are 6 highway robbers.” Nobody complained. His callsign subsequent to that was K4BZD.

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