Dayton?? Really??

Yesterday, I tried to explain to someone why Dayton was so special to ham radio operators. After I got through the story, she said, “OK, but Dayton? Really?”

Yes, Jennie. Really.

There’s something special about this event. Why else would I get up at 4 am, get into my car at 4:30, and drive 3 hours to attend talks on QRP contesting, QRSS, and homemade radios? It’s already been a lot of fun, and I’ve only been here for about four hours.

The highlight of the morning was the stuffed pig that Perry, WA8THK, brought to the seminar. Now, there’s a pig who knows how to enjoy Dayton!

I’ll be blogging throughout the event. So stay tuned.


  1. David Brodbeck N8SRE says:

    Big conventions create their own atmosphere — it doesn’t really matter where you hold them, since people rarely venture outside the convention “bubble” anyway!

    The other great thing about Dayton is the Air Force Museum.

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