Dayton’s About People and Ideas

When most hams think about Dayton, they think about the good deal they got in the fleamarket or the new products introduced by manufacturers. Not me. What I enjoy most are the people I meet and the ideas they bring to Dayton.

One of the people I ran into today was Janet, who was in my Tech class three weeks ago. I found her working a booth taking orders. I wanted to make sure that she was proudly wearing a nametag with her new call sign.

I also got to meet Diana, KC2UHB, of Make: Magazine fame. She attended the ARRL PR forum.

Ideas Abound
The PR forum was the first session of the morning, and there were plenty of good ideas shared.

Perhaps the best was offering my column to AnnArbor.Com. I won’t be getting any money for it, but it should raise the awareness of ham radio in our community.

More ideas later. Now, it’s time for dinner.


  1. Maybe one of these days I will take a trip to Dayton and spend time at the convention. Having really thought of going, but it just might be fun.

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