Deadline for Leonard Award approaching

From Bill, N2COP, and the ARRL PR Committee:

The deadline is December 6th for the 2013 Bill Leonard W2SKE Professional Media Award. The Leonard award recognizes journalists who earn income from stories they write or produce about Amateur Radio, but the Leonard Award also indirectly recognizes your efforts, and the efforts of your PICs and PIOs, to bring your Ham Radio activities to the attention of professional media employees. There are actually not one but THREE Leonard awards:

  1. Text (newspapers, magazines, blogs),
  2. Audio (broadcast radio, podcasts), and
  3. Video (TV, DVDs, webcasts).

With the deadline now two weeks away, the Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time for you and your PICs and PIOs to assemble nomination packages. A full description of the Bill Leonard award, rules and submission criteria can be found on the ARRL website.

It’s always a fun occasion to give a local reporter in your section a plaque to honor their coverage of Amateur Radio, plus you now have a friend in the media who will tell his or her media friends about Ham Radio. It’s an all around win for our hobby. Those of us who are members of ARRL’s Public Relations Committee look forward to reviewing your submissions in December.

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