Decommissioned Radios Could Help Haiti

This isn’t exactly ham-radio related, but many hams work for groups that could help with this effort…….Dan

Urgent Communications reports on an effort to outfit Haitian emergency communicators with radios being decommissioned here as a result of the FCC’s recent “narrowbanding” mandate. The article notes:

Haiti Engineering, a nonprofit architecture and engineering design group, and theAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials last week launched Radios for Haiti at the International Wireless Communications Expo. The radio-system donation program is asking for radios that soon will become obsolete in the U.S. because of the Federal Communication Commission’s narrowbanding mandate.

Specifically, the project’s goal is to outfit 10,000 police in Haiti with radios, and have the nonprofit’s engineers install an emergency communications system in the nation’s 50 cities, including a early warning system for hurricanes, said Herby Lissade, Haiti Engineering’s president.

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