Down to the Wire

Voting in the 2005 election for Director and Vice Director of the Great Lakes Division is just about to begin. Overall, it’s been both an interesting and enlightening experience for me.

The most interesting part of my experience has been the campaigning, or to put it more accurately, the reaction to my campaign. Some people are so hostile towards the ARRL! At Findlay, I even had one guy throw my flyer onto the table and tell me, “I won’t have anything to do with that commie organization.”

I’ve gotten many positive responses, too, though. That’s been very heartening. I told my wife after one club meeting that if I don’t win, it will be because I didn’t get out and speak to enough clubs. Listening to and working with people is what this is all about. If you can do that, then you’ll get their support.

And you need that support, not only to get elected, but to put programs in place and have them succeed. I always knew that to be the case from a theoretical point of view, but now I know it from a practical point of view. This is where I’ve been most enlightened.

The ballots should be in the hands of ARRL members this week, and experience shows that those most likely to vote will do so in the next week or two. Consequently, I won’t be campaigning so hard this month as last. I’ll be attending a few club meetings, but the election is really in the hands of the voters now.

If you already support me, I thank you for your vote. If you’re undecided about who to vote for, please read the candidate’s statements carefully and then choose the one who you think will best represent you and Amateur Radio. If you have any questions about where I stand, phone me 734-930-6564 or send and e-mail to

Whatever you do, don’t throw away that ballot. It’s important that you vote.

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