DX Made the Ear Grow fonder

Radio World is a magazine for radio managers and engineers, but occasionally they have articles of interest to radio amateurs as well. The latest article to catch my eye was “Distance Made the Ear Grow Fonder.” This is a collection of replies to an earlier article, “AM Radio: My First Real Love.”

Both are reminiscences of AM radio in the old days. Just as the author logged all of the clear channel stations west of the Mississippi, I logged them east of the Mississippi. My favorites were WBZ in Boston and WCAU in Philadelphia. Both of those stations had talk radio shows before Detroit did, and I enjoyed listening to it. Radio was my window to the world.

Nowadays, more stations play syndicated content and there’s less local content, even on the clear channel stations. That’s our loss truly.


  1. Nice post – I used to listen to WBZ at night up here near Ottawa Canada. Another favourite was WABC New York. The AM band was so much fun when I was a kid in Windsor across from the Motor City, Detroit. WJBK was good talk radio in those days and I listened to it with a crystal set in the shape of a Gemini space capsule. Once when the powerful CKLW Windsor went off the air early one morning I heard Radio Havana come through at 800 on the AM dial in my Dad’s Ford Fairlane in the late 60s. Those were the days.

    Bob VE3MPG

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