DX QSLs spell words, too

These are for WA2HOM, but I had to post them here because the QSLs are so cool. The VE7TUB QSL is especially cool because it’s from a special event station set up for a bathtub race.



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  1. John Jensen says:

    Tnx fer ur vy nice and educational blog!! I enjoy reading it vy much!!

    You wrote about “DX QSLs spell words, too” on your blog.

    Well, my call OZ3PAX spell a word too: PAX wich is latin for peace. I’m proud of my call ;-)

    Vy 73 de OZ3PAX / John Jensen

  2. Hi Dan,

    Just letting you know I moved and revamped The Vibroplex Collector’s Page. The new URL is http://www.vibroplexcollector.net

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