DXTuners.Com Free (for a while, anyway)

DX Tuners provide access to a global network of remotely controlled shortwave and VHF/UHF receivers via the Internet. You aune the radios with your browser and get live audio. Normally, you have to pay to get access to all of the network’s receivers, but to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of DxTuners.com, they are opening the network to everyone free of charge.

Check it out. It’s pretty cool.


  1. Gary Jensen says:

    Great idea! There are those who may be handicapped who would be able to utilize this fantastic resource. Many blind hams have computers with voice recognition software with which to interface with your system. Great Idea! de Gary W7TAV

  2. Sadly, shortly after your posting, the site was abruply taken down (see http://www.millfarm.se/). Why Kelly couldn’t pass responsibility on to someone else I’ll never understand but he stated that it would have consumed too much of his time.

    73 de Félim M3HIM

  3. Well, that is a shame. DXTuners.Com was kind of cool. My guess is that he didn’t get enough people to send him money to support the effort.

  4. I’m developing a great alternative to DXTuners.com, when is started this project i didn’t know of DXTuners and when i found them it was takin offline….anyway check out my website


    very new site and still growing!!

  5. I just browsed through the site, Brandon, but it look very COOL! I’ll take a more in-depth look later. Please keep us posted on progress.

    I’m hoping to set up a remotely-controlled station at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. Perhaps I can join you when I get it all set up.

  6. Dear radio enthusiast!

    DxTuners is starting up a new private network of remotely controlled receivers.

    We are building a new network of high quality shortwave/VHF/UHF receivers with low noise, good antennas and DX capabilities.


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