Extra Class question of the day: 60m operation

The 60 m band is one of the oddest amateur radio bands. One of the reasons for this is that the 60 meter band is the only amateur band where transmission on specific channels rather than a range of frequencies is permitted. (E1A07) Also, the rules for operation on the 60 meter band state that operation is restricted to specific emission types and specific channels. (E1A06)

The rules for power output are also a bit arcane. The maximum power output permitted on the 60 meter band is 100 watts PEP effective radiated power relative to the gain of a half-wave dipole. (E1A05) The rules are written this way to minimize interference between amateur radio operators, who are secondary users of this band, and the primary users, which are primarily government radio stations.


  1. Dave Montague (WH6EAG) says:

    Dan, these EXTRA CLASS Questions-of-the-Day are great. Looks like stuff that will be part of the EXTRA CLASS No-Nonsense-Study-Guide, right? How close are you to having that available? any update on that? THANKS for your guides, they are great! ALOHA from sunny Hawaii, hope to catch you on the airwaves!

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