FCC Resumes Enforcement

On May 13, the FCC posted the first list of enforcement actions since Laura Smith took over as FCC Special Counsel. The 11 RFI-related letters to energy providers were sent between February 18 and April 1, 2009, and the 7 warning letters to individuals were sent between February 18 and March
30, 2009.

The seven warning letters include five letters to people operating high-powered CB radios. Theses people are not licensed radio amateurs. The other two letters were issued to licensed radio amateurs for using repeaters after they were requested not to do so.


  1. Mike - WM4B says:

    Hurray! I’ve been looking forward to the day the FCC resumes posting these enforcement actions.

    Unfortunately, our club had to enlist the assistance of Laura Smith and she did an absolutely OUTSTANDING job of taking care of us.


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